3 framed instant-download wall art prints hanging together on a wall

5 Ways to Fill Up Your Blank Walls

Gone are the days when walls were only decorated with huge paintings and wallpaper. In 2020, there are so many options!

Here are 5 we love!

Mirrors - Placed alone or in groups of different sizes and shapes, mirrors brighten up the room and make it look and feel bigger.

Add frames or not, or create a funky combination of the two. Want to mix it up even more? Add a group of mirrors on opposing sides of a corner to create a dazzling effect with reflections, refractions and even more light.

Colourful Graphics or Abstract Art - Add a pop of visual interest to your space with graphic and/or abstract art in unexpected colours, patterns and textures.

Cartoons or comic books, magazine covers, newspaper pages, anything goes! Mix and match for an even more eye-catching effect.

Here, we used two of the options mentioned in this article - graphic/abstract art where one larger piece (our 'You Are Enough' rainbow watercolour print) is grouped with a few smaller ones to create a cute wall feature for this equally cute space.

One Larger Piece, Grouped with Smaller Pieces - Highlight a special piece or one that doesn't quite 'fit in' with your décor. You can go for groupings as small as three or fill up an entire wall.


Silhouettes - A great alternative to traditional portraits.

If you have the skill or you're willing to outsource, personalize them by using your own photos or those of your loved ones. They can even be stylized by adding accessories and backgrounds, changing the colour (they don't always have to be black), grouping multiple together as separate pieces or in one piece, etc. 


 From an already beautiful wedding photo to a series of fun, unique silhouettes.


Typography (Text-Based) Prints - Words are powerful, whether spoken or in print. They can inspire you, reflect your personality, and make a huge impact in your space.

Printables are a popular option because they come in an instant-download format, making them accessible for most people. You can purchase them online relatively easily (Etsy, for example is full of shops - including our own - offering amazing prints), print them yourself or send them to an online print shop, add a frame if you choose and you're done!

They're usually inexpensive, so they're a great option if you like to change things up frequently. (You can always store them if you want to use them again later).


Pictured here are three of our 8 X 10 typography prints.


Of course, you can also find typography prints on canvas, which are usually a bit pricier, depending on the size and can definitely make a statement!

Hope these tips have given you some inspiration. Did you enjoy them? Which one(s) might you use in your space? Leave us a comment or tag us in your photo on Instagram or Facebook (@b_e_naturals_co) and use our hashtag - #BuildALifestyleOfSelfCare. We can't wait to see! 


-Brown-Eyed Naturals Co.

P.S. Most of the prints pictured above are from our Etsy shop. Some are 8X10's and others can be printed in up to 25 sizes! Pay us a visit and see what's new.

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Fantastic ideas!


Love the simple idea of printables as art! It can really liven up a dull room. Affordable and easy.

Ms Tee

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