Fun, Easy and Sometimes Unexpected Ways to Fill a Notebook or Journal - Part 1

Fun, Easy and Sometimes Unexpected Ways to Fill a Notebook or Journal - Part 1

Hey, hey,

Got some blank or half-used notebooks lying around that you don't know what do to with?

Come follow along over the next few weeks as we dive into some easy ways to use them up!

Part 1:

Hobby Journal - hobbies are awesome and I have lots of them. Here, you can track things like materials, costs, projects, special events etc. You can also list directions, keep instructions, plans, measurements etc. here. The sky's the limit.

Sketchbook - Calling all artists and aspiring artists! Lined, dot-grid or blank pages are a great place for sketching (and keeping them all together). Notebooks are great for this because the smaller sizes are usually so portable. Say goodbye to napkins or scraps of paper! (I see you).

Exercise Tracker - A great low-tech alternative to apps etc. Track the type of workout, time, how you feel before and after etc. Feeling unmotivated, track it and come back later...was there something else happening at the time? Feeling really hyped about your workouts? Track that, too.

Dream Journal - Ever wake up from a dream and think 'What does that mean?'...then forget about it 10 seconds later? Our dreams can tell us a lot about what our subconscious mind is up to and a journaling your dreams can help your remember them, see patterns over time etc. Are there any that are recurring? Are you feeling anxious, excited, worried, scared, upset, unforgiving etc.? Your dreams will tell the story!

Food Journal - Hey Foodies, this one's for you! Keeping a food journal not only helps you to keep track of what you're eating, it can also show you what you're not eating and help you to add nutrients you may be missing. Tracking can assist you in discovering and eliminating things in your diet that may be causing allergies or intolerances. Food journaling can also help in discovering your relationship to food, where any issues may have started and ways to adjust to a healthier food relationship and a healthier lifestyle.

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That's it for today! Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we discover more fun ways to fill those pages and how that can help us live better, healthier, more organized lives!


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