Self-Care Tips - How Reading Can Change Your Life

How Reading Can Change Your Life

Reading can change your life in many ways. Here are just a few:

1. Opens your mind to new and different ideas, cultures, opportunities and ways of thinking.

2. Expands your vocabulary (you may not use all those fancy new words, but at least you'll know them).

3. Helps improve your focus and concentration (the exact opposite effect of all those 7-15 second videos - you know what I'm talking about 😉).

4.  Can help build up your empathy and understanding of other people and their circumstances.

5.  Promotes healthy sleep (unless you're reading horror novels or extremely sad stories - them maybe not).

6. Reduces stress levels and increases relaxation.

If you're not reading every day, maybe now is a good time to start. A few minutes goes a long way and you can build up over time.

Happy reading!

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Lauren Phillips is the founder of Brown-Eyed Naturals Co. a product-based, Christian Company dedicated to helping busy women build self-care into their daily routines (hence the slogan 'self-care should be a priority, not a luxury.' and the hashtag #BuildALifestyleOfSelfCare.)

Being a Mom, working full-time and running a business, Lauren understands many of the challenges busy women face in everyday life - especially as it relates to caring for themselves in a holistic way - and seeks to help them navigate those challenges with grace.

Lauren lives with her family in Ontario, Canada and she enjoys spending quality time and making lasting memories with them.

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